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An interview with Richard, our chef in Impala Lodge

Posted 23 February 2016

Our resort team are key to the enjoyment of your holiday. We spend a lot of time recruiting people who are able to deliver our high standards and meet our guests’ expectations. Richard, our chef in Impala Lodge, has wowed his guests this season with his exceptional food. Here we talk to him about his passion for food, who inspires him and where he likes to eat in the Three Valleys.

Why did you decide to become a chef?
I’ve wanted to be a chef for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I remember being fascinated how these ‘people’ in kitchens could make food taste and look amazing, and I had no idea how they did it! I loved food so much I needed to learn how to cook properly. 

Who is your greatest influence?
In the last few years the chef that has influenced me most is Tom Kerridge, a fellow chef from the west-country! Creating 2 Michelin star food in a little country pub, that would be the dream! 

If you could choose to eat at one restaurant in the world, which would it be?
If I could eat at one restaurant in the world it would be Sukijabashi Jiro. It’s a 3 michelin starred sushi restaurant located in the subway under Tokyo. Sushi that is worthy of 3 michelin stars? I need to try that! 

What is your Signature dish?
The dish I enjoy to cook the most would be roast loin of venison, braised haunch, chestnut puree, glazed figs and celeriac fondant with red wine and blackberry jus.

What do you cook for yourself at home? 
When I’m at home I love to cook Asian food! It’s one of my favourite things to eat, I enjoy cooking miso soup, nasi goring and beef rendang.
What is it like being a chalet chef? 
Being a chalet chef is demanding and sometimes stressful! However, it is also extremely rewarding; meeting fantastic people, pushing yourself to achieve great things and skiing everyday in your breaks! 

Who would you love to cook for?
I would love to cook for Tom Kerridge in the hope he would give me a job at the end of the meal!

What is your top tip for a successful dinner party for eight?
“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” - get everything done the day before! And plenty of good wine! 

Can you recommend your favourite restaurant in Meribel for dinner? Similarly, have you got a favourite lunch spot in the Three Valleys?
Somewhere I have enjoyed for dinner is a restaurant called L’Igloo. It’s very simple food that is great value for money and delicious. Also the decor inside is very quirky with booths shaped and decorated like igloos. For lunch, the best spot is the mountain burger shack in Mottaret; incredible quality burgers that you can quickly grab on the go for less than 10 euros! 

Where have you enjoyed skiing this season?
Meribel is a great ski area but if I’m looking for a particularly challenging and exciting ski I’ll head over to Val Thorens on my day off.


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