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British Snowsports Fund

Meriski is delighted to be collaborating with the British Snowsports Fund in supporting the UK’s future Olympic skiers and snowboarders. All the income that it generates is spent on giving snowsports athletes the best possible chances to excel in their sports - from young children just starting to show promise all the way through to athletes training for the next Winter Olympics. When you contribute to the British Snowsports Fund you’re helping the current and future stars of British snowsports. 

You can help us by adding a £1 donation to your booking for each person travelling with us this winter, simply tick the box on our booking form or let us know when making your payment.  If you would like to donate more than this you can do so directly on the British Snowsports Fund website.

What is the British Snowsports Fund?

The British Snowsports Fund will support skiers and snowboarders at all stages of their careers, from our Olympic hopefuls right through to children who are taking their first steps (or slides) in the sport.

Companies throughout the ski and snowboard industry are joining together to support the British Snowsports Fund.

Why are we doing this?

As you can imagine, it can be expensive for athletes to be able to progress and excel in their sports, with the need to travel overseas frequently to train and for competitions. We want to ensure that anyone with talent, regardless of how much money they have, can demonstrate their full potential.

We all remember the feeling of sitting in our pyjamas, watching Jenny Jones win bronze at Sochi in 2014. We want that to happen on a grander scale! It’s an ambitious programme that will boost immediate success, but also encourage and support new talent. It may even help us discover someone who’s five now and will be an Olympic champion in 2030!

Who will it help?

Money generated for the British Snowsports Fund will be allocated between British Ski and Snowboard (the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding) and the British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation (a charity which supports grassroots participation and supports talented young athletes).  It will be spent across three areas:

Boosting grassroots participation in skiing and snowboarding, particularly among young people
Helping development pathways for young and aspiring athletes
Supporting British snowsports athletes to ensure they’re best placed for international success

One of the first aims of the British Snowsports Fund is to enable as many British skiers and snowboarders to get to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics as possible. To qualify for the Olympics, athletes need to attend a certain number of internationally approved events. We need to ensure that our athletes can compete at these events - and the travel to these competitions can often be expensive.

We also want to make sure they have the appropriate coaching and other support in the lead up to the Games. Often other countries have more sophisticated programmes, putting our athletes at an automatic disadvantage. To give you an example, the Norwegian government spends about £400k a year to deepen knowledge of ski wax techniques. Our skiers wax their own skis in the back of a transit van!

Who are some of our athletes?

Our big names athletes like Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan receive funding from the government via UK Sport to support their coaching programmes and travel.

The British Snowsports Fund will support athletes who don’t yet receive this level of funding, such as:

Cara Brown - Cara is the British Ladies Alpine Champion, and she’s within the top 150 grand slalom athletes in the world. Getting the right coaching is crucial to help Cara progress, so we want to help her work with the best team possible in the run up to PyeongChang 2018.

Lloyd Wallace - Lloyd is a aerials athlete, currently ranked 25th in the world. Based on his form over the last season, we believe that Lloyd will make the top 10 at PyeongChang, with a chance that he will medal, but we need to support him to attend a full season of competitions so he qualifies for the Games.

Emily Sarsfield - Despite only returning from serious injury last year, Emily is ranked 25th in the world in ski cross. She currently works in a number of different jobs to fund herself, which means she can’t dedicate as much time to her training as her competitors. We’d like to be able to offer her funding so she can concentrate fully on preparing for 2018.